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Casa Grande

Design, history and nature, the perfect combination to enjoy La Rioja.

We landed in a new Autonomous Community with a proposal that promises.

As we are used to, Singular's surprises again with a new destination in Spain and with the addition of a boutique hotel that will not leave anyone indifferent, Casa Grande Boutique Hotel. It is a manor house from the late 1700s with more than 1,000 m2 built, located in the town of Grañón, La Rioja.

This new boutique hotel in nature stands out for its minimalist style interior design, carried out by the prestigious Francesc Rifé, based on spatial order and geometric proportion. Surrounded by cereal fields, the Camino de Santiago and beautiful vineyards, the environment of Casa Grande Boutique Hotel by Singular 's draws incomparable landscapes.

The hotel has 11 spacious double rooms and a restaurant with traditional Rioja cuisine. The gastronomic proposal, open both to hotel guests and to anyone who wishes to enjoy a regional lunch or dinner made with local seasonal products.

The renowned magazine AD Arquitectura already recognizes us as the boutique hotel where you want to stay to live is in La Rioja, read the note here.

With this new hotel, Singular's arrives in La Rioja, a community in which we have wanted to be for a long time. We are so excited that soon we will have a second proposal in the area", says Max Porcuna, CEO and President of Singular's Hotels.

La Rioja is an ideal destination for lovers of sports, active and adventure tourism. La Rioja landscapes are a perfect environment to develop sports activities, learn with specialized guides and discover unique corners. The Sierra de la Demanda is an inexhaustible source of possibilities to enjoy nature. Oh!, and a fact that is not minor, visitors will feel the Camino de Santiago, because Casa Grande Boutique Hotel is located on the route of the stars.

Where to book?
Calle del Caño 13, Grañón, La Rioja
+34 654 141 936
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Fondo Inversión

Expansion, the key to 2022, for Singular's Hotels

Singular's and Kaazar Capital sign a strategic agreement, in this way, the investment group becomes our main partner for the purchase and sale of assets, reinforcing national and international expansion.

Since before the pandemic, the goal of Singular's Hotel was clear, to expand horizons and add key destinations to establish itself as a boutique hotel company in privileged natural settings. The year 2022 has been non-stop, they landed in new destinations such as Cuenca, Extremadura and La Rioja.

Yesterday afternoon, both companies met to formalize the agreement that had been brewing for months.

It is important to note that Kaazar Capital will invest around 50 million in assets over the next 18 months. Undoubtedly, a key alliance that supports Singular's Hotels as a company and accompanies it in its growth.

"This exclusive collaboration agreement excites us and fills us with energy to continue offering new experiences, new hotels, new refuges for rest and disconnection in the middle of nature" Max Porcuna - CEO President of Singular's Hotels.
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Morocco, the new trending destination for 2022, is already within the Singular's Hotels proposal

The hotel family opens its destination with a luxury hotel in one of the most impressive natural landscapes in Africa, Baberih Singulars Hotels.

Morocco is the preferred tourist destination for a different vacation and our new proposal is right there. Located in the seaside town of Essaouira and on the seafront, the 35,000 meters of gardens and the 29 luxury suites will not leave anyone indifferent.

The place chosen to locate the luxurious hotel complex is a beautiful town with one of the best beaches in Morocco and with a rich history that has made it one of the most fascinating places on the entire Atlantic coast of the country.

When can we enjoy Baberih Singulars Hotels? Max Porcuna, CEO and President of Singular's confirms that "we are putting everything in motion as a priority so that before the summer season the complex is ready to receive guests"

Although Singular's Hotels has focused its expansion this year 2022 on Spain, landing in Morocco was its pending matter. "We could not let this opportunity pass us by, we are convinced that it is a proposal that will fascinate the Spanish tourist", continues Max Porcuna. A destination rich in craftsmanship in a particularly calm and pleasant city. The mildness of its climate and its golden sand coast make Essaouira considered one of the best beaches in Morocco.

Essaouira, Morocco, Africa.
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